Freiburg Filmproduction

Films for museums and the sciences

Customized, High-Grade, Unique

Films made by Moving Ideas stand for innovative film language, depth of content and high quality. In cooperation with an experienced film team I am directing and producing high-grade films tailored for your needs.

Moving Ideas brings together excellence in film, science and culture. Memorable film experiences are ensured by our profound research, artistic translation and professional film production.


The Benefits of Film

Moving Ideas supports museums, researchers and other institutions in their educational mandate, their reputation and their mission of knowledge transfer. Our films are attractive mediators for complex subjects.

Film illustrates stories, stimulates our fantasy, opens up new worlds and creates vividness. It is indispensable with regard to the viewing habits and visual literacy of the younger generation as well as the increasing digital communication.


Co-operation, passion, with the greatest of ease

A film well done appears to be easy work, and it is the renowned craftsmanship of film making to create this feeling of ease. For accomplishment many questions need to be discussed at the beginning of a film production: which intention, which look, which narration, which picture concept, which content, which length, etc.

Our customers are the best film experts, because they feel, when a film goes smoothly: simply if it's watched with excitement until the last frame. Together, we start the film enterprise: with competent mentoring, open communication and close collaboration we receive a playful film with the greatest of ease in the end.

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