Moving Ideas has specialized in the production of films for museums, scientific institutes and educational facilities. There are many stories – large and small – to be told in such institutions. Moving Ideas creates motion pictures covering a broad scope of duties. We will precisely respond to your specific concerns and to the needs of target groups.

Extract from various genres

The spectrum of moved images is diversified, various film genres and lengths serve a variety of intentions.The three product lines that we offer can be covered by a large number of film types, a small selection of which is presented in the following:

  • Portrait film
  • Educational film
  • Documentary film
  • Observational/ Participatory Film
  • Report
  • Imagefilm
  • Exhibition film
  • Interview film
  • Teaser
  • Trailer
  • Scientific Film
  • Documentary film
  • Motion Graphics
  • Photo and Sound Montage
  • Experimental Film
  • Atmospheric Film
  • Visual Fieldnotes

In close cooperation and in an open atmosphere we will design the film that you desire.


Good movies require good collaboration

Our films are based on individual visual concepts developed in the pre-production phase together with our customers. Together we explore way to pack your contents into film. When we meet for the first time, we will exchange our experience; I get to know your work and the organization that you are working in. Also I will get an idea of the basic conditions for a local film production. Following this, I will comprehensively inform you on the temporal, organizational and textual expenditures of a film production, on limitations, but also on the endless number of opportunities that film can provide.

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  • Film requires time
  • Film requires cooperation
  • Film requires communication
  • Film requires the cooperation of many individuals
  • Film requires preparation
  • Film requires coordination
  • Film requires room
  • Film requires passion
  • Film requires a fair price
  • Film is challenge and pleasure at the same time

Museum and exhibition films and art movies

Movies open up unknown worlds

Film stimulates the visitors’ fantasy like no other medium, thus promoting the understanding for the huge cosmos of an individual exhibit or of an exhibition module. Contexts become accessible, and the visitor is actively involved in the exhibition.

Films may intensify the significance of certain objects, since they deepen the understanding of the objects’ shape, function and making. In this way, we complement the presentation of your museum exhibits. Additionally, film trailers and film interviews can be produced that may be used as appetizers, e. g. prior to an exhibition or to complete an exhibition website.

Art movies may contextualize art works in detail, and draw the viewers’ attention to their pictorial sophistications and technical specialties. Artist portraits are popular, visitors may, in a sensory and memorable way, gain in-depth insight into the artist’s life and oeuvre. This way we open up to the audience a second observation level for the artwork in question.

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Science Films

Embedding science in the public

An enormous variety of new research results and increasing diversification are currently characterizing classical science disciplines. New and exciting perspectives arise through the increasing number of interdisciplinary collaboration of scientists. In this environment, our films have the potential to support scientists in conveying actual research trends to an interested expert audience in a contemporary way.

Science films may imply the presentation of new and established research areas, research groups, their work and issues, or scientific progress reports. We will determine suitable dramaturgies for our films in order to allow interested viewers a good understanding of the scientific contents.

A possible film type for the visualization of science and research is the presentation film that can serve for the introduction of scientific institutes, research groups or projects and / or new scientific disciplines. A so-called film documentation can be chosen to accompany scientists in their daily work to be used as a sort of visual field notes. Also, we record your expert symposia, conferences or workshops.

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Educational Films

We film your work

Think tanks, foundations, NPOs and NGOs significantly contribute to topics of society, politics, economy, science and history. Moving Ideas is providing support on the visual presentation of your exciting work or is putting your areas of research or activity into appealing motion pictures.

Our films will provide support for your external image and address the public with respect to your needs in an empathic and targeted manner.

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