20 Years of UN Resolution 1325

AMICA Campaign Videos

  • 2020
  • Campaign video
  • 5:35 min

The campaign video asks women's rights activists how things are going with the implementation of UN Resolution 1325 today on the 20th anniversary.



  • Genre:
    Campaign video
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  • Run-Time:
    5:35 min
  • Client:
    AMICA e. V.
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  • Subtitles:
    German & English
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Summary and background

The UN resolution 1325 "Women, Peace and Security" was passed on October 31, 2000 by the United Nations. It was the first UN resolution to stand up for the concerns of women, and in particular women who live in war zones and / or who actively fight against violence. But how much can a resolution really achieve in crisis areas? The campaign video examines this question and makes demands of women's rights activists on the 20th anniversary of the resolution heard.
AMICA e. V. has been working with women's rights organizations on site in crisis areas for many years. In order to refer to the importance of the UN resolution and at the same time to draw attention to deficits, AMICA has launched a campaign website. The campaign video makes an effective contribution to the activists' demands.


Moving Ideas was responsible for the exciting task of coordinating four film teams in Libya, Lebanon, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Ukraine who interviewed the women's rights activists on site. Moving Ideas was responsible for the concept, post-production and shooting in Freiburg.
The particular challenge was to film seven women in three equal shot sizes in order to enable a uniform visual language and to emphasize it dramatically. A strong directorial work was required, because the protagonists had to speak into the camera without a template in order to address the viewer directly and to emphasize their sentences.
The film also works with slow motion of the women, which opens up a further emotional level.
The result is an expressive, powerful film that generates authenticity, emotionality and strength through its special design and the courage of its protagonists.


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