Diversity is every day

  • 2016
  • Social Spot
  • 7.28min

The Social Spot "Diversity is every day" contributes to this year's topic on "ethical and cultural diversity" at the Albert-Ludwigs University Freiburg.



  • Genre:
    Social Spot
  • Run-Time:
  • Client:
    Albert-Ludwigs University Freiburg
  • Language:
  • Subtitles:
    German, English
  • Audio:
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The short film “Diversity is Everyday” debates the cultural diversity in the University of Freiburg. It portrays six employees and students coming from different countries during their morning routine and their different routes to work. Reflections on topics like heritage, homeland and work from the protagonists’ various points of views illustrate their significant input to the University life that shapes the institution to a place of diversity, openness and tolerance.


This short movie is to provoke discussions and provide an atmospheric introduction to the evening event of the "Day of Diversity" that celebrated its fifth anniversary this year. The film is further utilized as an image film for the website and the YouTube channel of the Field Office / Albert-Ludwigs University, and serves as a visual introduction into the Field Office’s work during presentations and conferences.
In accompanying the everyday life of individuals with different geographic and ethnical roots, the film gives a personal face to “Diversity” as it is lived at the Freiburg University. Additional intentions of the film are to sensitize, break down stereotypes and draw attention to the fact that diversity is a normal situation at the university. Thus, it contributes to the Field Office’s this year project “Ethnic and Geographical Diversity”.


Six different employees and students of the Albert-Ludwigs University Freiburg are presented within seven minutes. It was the special intention of both the field office Gender and Diversity of the University of Freiburg and the filmmakers to access the theme “diversity” beyond the usual clichés. This is accomplished by the film language, i.e. the individual characterization of the protagonists and the protagonists’ personal narrative style – both in the On- and Off-speaking mode.
For an authentic presentation, visits were made in advance to the film shooting to familiarize the filmmakers with the protagonists’ morning rituals (that were) used in the film for symbolic representation of their diversity. Consequently, the social spot “Diversity is Everyday” starts with the protagonists’ different morning routines: a cup of tea is being prepared, the kids are taken care of, being prepared for school or kindergarten, a yoga session is being held before jumping into the restlessness of everyday life, or a bakery is being passed by for a quick breakfast stop. Also, ways to reach the study or working place at the university are varying – some protagonists are walking, others take a tram, car or bike ride. When on their way, a short period of time remains for all of them to link their impressions of the city with memories of their home country. The protagonists’ entering of the university buildings at about the same time illuminates features they have in common: all are active at the university, and all enrich this location with their personality and diversity.
Beautifully arranged pictures put in scene both the protagonists and the city of Freiburg from various points of view, and an easy, cheerful and harmonic music turns the film into a continuously positive experience.