Moving Ideas.arts

Interviews with contemporary artists

  • 2017
  • Web Series / Interview
  • 30 min

Moving Ideas.arts is a YouTube series in which contemporary artists reflect on their artwork and talk about sources that inspire their life and work.



  • Genre:
    Web Series / Interview
  • Run-Time:
    30 min
  • Language:
    English, German

Moving Ideas.arts

Moving Ideas.arts is an in-house produced web series with film interviews of well-known and emerging contemporary artists. The series can be watched on the YouTube channel Moving Ideas.arts.
It is our objective to provide a platform to artists, and an opportunity to the public to learn about the artists and their works. In our opinion, artists’ positions are important in society discourses and should find broader public awareness.

Text-heavy primary sources on artworks in publications and catalogues are frequently known to professionals, or accessible upon payment, only. In contrast, an artwork will find its way to the awareness of the interested public in rare cases only, mostly in company with the interpretation by third parties. Moving Ideas.arts supports artists to have their say and to be heard.
Therefore, it is our goal to make the interviews easily accessible round the clock. We believe that simple and permanent availability will address a new and younger audience among the general public and enthuse them for art subjects and unusual perspectives.

The interviews are being produced mainly in the artists’ studios and ateliers in order to show them in their working environment. In contrast to the somewhat compressed narrative style of most movie and TV formats, we are offering a timeframe deemed sufficient by the artists for their reflections.

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